American University of The Middle East

Trend in total Enrollments at AUM shown in above chart are at the beginning of Fall Semester in each academic year

Our biggest project to date at HUMANSOFT is the American University of the Middle East (AUM). We initiated the university through our subsidiary, Al Arabia Enterprises, to meet the growing demands in the region for both undergraduate and graduate education opportunities.

Today AUM is one of the premier institutions of higher-level learning in Kuwait. Based in Egaila, on an expansive campus land leased from government of 161,190 m2, AUM has been designed to reflect the Philosophy by providing the most engaging environment for student life. Amongst our amenities, you will find open air cafeterias, a host of sports facilities, and a professional soccer field flanked by a top quality running track and an upcoming Auditorium and Convention Center Building,all integral to our approach to holistic student development.

AUM have enrolled 2,263 new students during Fall 2017 semester. As of Fall 2017, AUM currently has an impressive student population of 9,474 students. This reflects an increase of 13% over previous year in total enrolled students. The number of total enrollments is growing year on year as shown in the chart.

AUM Currently offers Engineering and Business Majors and it has licensed majors in Health Sciences such as Nursing and Medical studies which will be implemented at appropriate time in future. AUM also contemplates to introduce additional new majors in engineering such as Petroleum engineering and Civil Engineering in coming years.

We are proud to say that our students encounter, enjoy, and benefit from an academic experience second to none through our world class business, engineering, and management programs. Our culturally diverse and vastly experienced faculty deliver exceptional curricula developed by HUMANSOFT in affiliation with one of the most highly regarded universities in the US Purdue.

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