American College of the Middle East

Total students Enrollment trend at ACM as shown in above chart are at the beginning of Fall Semester in each academic year

The American College of the Middle East (ACM) was established in 2005 through its subsidiary Al Arabia Enterprises. It caters to students seeking Diploma courses in Business Administration, Information Technology and Engineering.

ACM have enrolled 775 new students during Fall 2017. The total number of students enrolled at ACM for Fall Semester of the academic year 2017-18 is 2,286 students. This reflects a growth of 14% in total enrolled students over previous academic year. Total enrollments have seen a substantial growth in last two years with introduction of new majors as shown in the chart.

ACM contemplating at the feasibility of introducing at appropriate time in future Nursing major, which is already included in its license. ACM contemplates to introduce new majors in Oil and Gas in coming years.

ACM Operates within its campus land leased from the Government which covers 100,000 m2 in Egaila Kuwait; with world class facilities catering to the holistic development of students at college and beyond academics as well.

ACM provides its students with a holistic learning experience using a unique ‘Learner-Centered Approach.’ This approach enables students to acquire the ability to learn through the application of carefully designed curricula and internships. ACM students are also encouraged to develop both personally and as leaders by participating in professional student societies and extracurricular activities to develop personal skills vital for success.

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